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Cats Are Friends

They are always on your side as long as you feed them

Cats Can Code

It's a little known fact. They like to keep it a secret

Ball of Yarn Champions

They are unmatched in this game and can play for hours!


Mobile Apps Are a Modern Necessity

There many useful apps that help us in our everyday life. They have been around for just a couple of decades but we can't imagine our lives without them

They Also Help You Grow Your Business

Modern humans are pretty busy and we don't always have time to go to the computer and buy something on a website. A lot of selling and buying happens on mobile apps


What do they say?

What do other cats say about us?

These apps are really meow meow meow!


Whiskas Lover

I like your apps when I'm enjoying sun's warmth!


Sunbath Pro

Simply meowtastic! Love the mice geolocation feature!


Night Hunter

Our Apps

absolute pitch training image

Absolute Pitch Training

Train your ear to recognize different music notes!
Check it out!
easy peasy app image

EasyPeasy Shopping List

A simple shopping list that works on almost all phones!
Check it out!
madlibs fun game image

MadLibs Fun Game

WordPress plugin that lets you replace words in a text
Check it out!

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